Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Current Events

Since this is our first post, I want to divert your eyes first to the left column where I have set up a few links. The first set of links under - Become Knowledgeable - will take you to informational sites, where you can get plenty of statistics and background on Human Trafficking. Besides background info, we should all stay up to date on the latest information. So, I included another set of links, which I will update weekly, of news articles, for two reasons: 1. To remind everyone what we are up against each day, and 2. to lend you some hope by showing the progress made each day. I know this is a very tough topic to think about every day, but the only way to conquer this permeating problem is to learn and do as much as you can everyday. It is also essential to spread the news of this problem. The more people who know about Human Trafficking the better.

Thanks for visiting the site.

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